You think you are a writer..??

Five out of six of these are true for me. How many do you have?


There have been several days when I sit back and wonder..Am I really a writer (as many think and often say) ?? Do I really belong to THE Writer’s Club or its more of a healing therapy where I find relief through words on paper rather than vocal outbursts! Well its still a mystery for me..writing, for me, is like reading/eating/playing..its necessary to complete a day..though one  wouldn’t die without it..but living without it wouldn’t  really be LIVING!!

 I came across this beautiful piece of writing and couldn’t help sharing it..If you are one like me..who wonders and ponders over the same questions as I do, then probably this might help..


So after reading this..I came upon a conclusion that Yes..I might be a writer..albeit a crazy one..who does all the above things in the craziest possible way..want a proof? Being awake till late often, of’course the reason being…

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