One Note

poetic justice


One note.

No variance or variety.

Just sustained refrains sounding out a long sigh

Dense with words missing their mark,

Losing their meaning.

Imagery read robotically.


Looking for music and muses,

Instead I found only muzak

In coffee house lobbies

Premium blending into a background

of awkward silences

and forced conversations,

Sometimes at speed, but

One note at 4/4 or 8/8

Is still

One note.

Aaaahhh AAAHHH…

Two notes.

A chord.

Musical accompaniment.

Zests of Jazz infuse your words.

Percussive beats sound out.

Rests… get equal time… with notes.

The audience awakens.

Your eyes meet their eyes instead of ink.

Suddenly simile is heard like it’s supposed to be,

And your poem becomes a metaphor of meaning.

When the heart sings, those who hear it

can’t help but feel it.

Genuine emotion suspends them

on a event horizon

to your gravity well of words.

And now, we’ve all…

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