What would a post-antibiotic world be like?

Western Mind | Eastern Thinking

Antibiotics are over used. Period. End of sentence.


My pharmacy is getting ready to install a robotic dispensing system. It takes your pharmacy’s top 200 or so drugs and automatically counts them for you, saving the pharmacist time. To determine those 200 drugs we ran reports based off of 12 months of previous medications dispensed. The number 1 drug dispensed was Zithromax, a what was once a powerful antibiotic is now used to treat the common cold and mild respiratory infections. Among those 200 drugs are an additional 27 antibiotics. This is just at my pharmacy. I’m sure this is the trend throughout the United States and into Europe. This is scary. Before penicillin existed people died from infections. Penicillin was discovered and helped save hundreds if not thousands of lives in World War II. More antibiotics were developed in response to bacterial resistance to penicillin. Medicine advanced because of…

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