Peace Can Never Exist


peace can never exist, it will always remain an impractical abstraction, a word without true form or definition.  peace has to disappear and become part of being itself.  like the quote imparts, “the way is not to peace, peace is the way.” just as from the human perspective, so as to distinguish ourselves from other creatures, we say we have agency, that is, self-awareness.  we don’t challenge this, we don’t think about it, we know it, we LIVE it.  peace has to be experienced under these terms to happen; therefore, it will never happen.

once peace can be thought of objectively, alternatives can be considered; once the purposes for these alternatives are understood, any number of circumstances could result in any number of these purposes and thus can be used to justify an alternative (peace is much more than just the absence of war, and although its exact opposite is…

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