One Man

By Andy Copeland



I sleep, the world is turning

I wake, my mind is burning

Through my life I’m always learning

Don’t follow every yearning


I’ve almost seen Satan’s face

And I heard all ’bout Jesus’s grace

I’ve been everywhere between, seen

All the sights that can be seen and


I can tell you not to follow

Everyone’s advice

‘Cuz no one thinks



I’m in the world around me

The sights and sounds surrounding

Did you hear the music sounding?

I can feel my heart a-pounding and


I just know I need a fix

I throw it into my daily mix

My mamma taught me right from wrong but

Here I am, singing this song and


I just don’t know where I’m gonna go

But it ain’t too good and that’s for sho’

Ain’t too many roads for me to take; and

I don’t know how far one man can make


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