Tender Lady Blues

By Andy Copeland



Lonesome baby

I know where you’re from

I’ve been on that hill

From where you’ve come

I’ve heard the stories

I know what you’ve done


Tender lady

Won’t you take my hand?

I’m fed up with this town

I know you understand

We can escape this

I’ve got a plan


Oh Lord have mercy

Have mercy on my soul

It took me too long

It’s time for me to go

It’s been so fun, woman

I don’t think you know


Oh now forget me

Forget me and all I’ve done

You know I’ve been so evil

But I’m not the only one

You know I’m just one of these people

Living under this miserable sun



By Andy Copeland



You told me

Nothing is permanent

Nothing is set in stone–

Except for the things that are set in stone–

But even then,

There are no guarantees

I got a tattoo

The needle marked my skin


It will not wash away

Forever marked

Yesterday I discovered it

When did I get it?

One day I found it

Grey measures of music

Strung together one-by-one

In a spiral


My music


Round my heart

Round my soul

It glows:

An uncontrollable,

Omnipresent light

Emitting from within me





By Andy Copeland


It’s Jimi’s birthday

Don’t forget what he showed us:

Rock & roll–blues art