Put the Fox Out

By Andy Copeland


Now come on, brash boy with heated blood

Tell me what you’d do in the name of love

Show me how far you’re willing to go

Because, that lady over there, she wants to know


You see, she digs you and she thinks you’re real fine

But I know better than to make her mine

She’s anĀ evil lady; she’ll cut you open

Leave you with a desire to do nothin’ but dopin’


When you wake in the morning, she’ll be gone from your bed

Goin’ to work to keep another man fed

And in the evening, when you’re in the mood

You’ll find she puts on a whole different attitude


Oh, she’ll look you in the face and respect you like a man

But I guarantee you she’s got another plan

She’ll completely expend you like a worn-out tool

Leave you alone and crying like some down-and-out fool



She’ll keep coming back since you forgive her so well

Bringing havoc to your life, like a demon from hell

She smiles and dances, she says she done nothin’ wrong

But when you’re not around she sings a different song


I’ll tell you what to do; there’s only one thing, son

Lest you go psychotic and look for a gun

Don’t worry ’bout manners and don’t consider class

Just put the fox out on her little ass



By Andy Copeland


I’m waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting

To hear back from you

But the minutes are long

The hours drag on

I don’t know what I should do

And I’m slowly, slowly, slowly thinking

‘Bout what you said

I wanna relax

Can’t change the facts

I wish those words were dead


I’m drifting, drifting, drifting, fearing

I made a mistake

When I get meek

People think I’m weak

I think I’m going to shake

So please, please, please, oh please

Don’t let this end in pain

Tell me you love me so

And I promise I’ll show

That I feel the same


April 2013