Tender Lady Blues

By Andy Copeland



Lonesome baby

I know where you’re from

I’ve been on that hill

From where you’ve come

I’ve heard the stories

I know what you’ve done


Tender lady

Won’t you take my hand?

I’m fed up with this town

I know you understand

We can escape this

I’ve got a plan


Oh Lord have mercy

Have mercy on my soul

It took me too long

It’s time for me to go

It’s been so fun, woman

I don’t think you know


Oh now forget me

Forget me and all I’ve done

You know I’ve been so evil

But I’m not the only one

You know I’m just one of these people

Living under this miserable sun



By Andy Copeland


Busted rhymes, busted times

I’ll bust your face

and then you, mine

We can’t escape, can’t accept

The sticks still sing

When there’s no song left

Run with me, run with me

Hands held tightly

We can be free

Free to show, free to go

I’m right here for you

Just so you know


May 2013